Idiam Architecture’s two permanent fixtures are C. Miles La Hue and Casey Clifford.  We discovered a long time ago that so much efficiency is gained by building what we design.  It is important to us to be hands on and really take on a project.

C Miles La Hue 
I grew up in the mountains and forests of Colorado. I recreated in places I thought no one had ever been.  My upbringing demanded that I use the trees and rocks to entertain myself.  I am obsessed with the orders of the natural environment.  The erosive forces of water, wind and earth inspire me.  The way life grows, regenerates, and adapts has a profound influence on me.   In the end, I try to express these observations and impart meaning for a richer design. 
My B. Arch was from the University of Colorado.  I earned my M. Arch at the University of Virginia where I could freely explore how the natural environment continued to inform my design.  I worked for various firms but learned quickly that the way I looked at architecture was not like theirs. I taught Architectural Design Studio for 4 years at the University of Colorado.  There I taught that the natural environment could produce much more fertile design ideas that inturn would tell a much more eloquent story
and expressive story in the built form.